Posted on: December 03, 2015 Professional Development

Pursue Your PotentialDo you find you are more effective when you are pursuing a goal or protecting your position? We are not all motivated by the same thing. Some of us are better when we are fighting to protect while some are more efficient when pursuing. It is imperative that you learn which one gets the fire burning in you.

Are you the type of person who sets goals, makes plans, writes them down, and then proceeds to knock each item off your list one thing at a time? If so, you are a pursuer. One who goes after what they want. If this is you, creating a pregame strategy will help you play better golf. “Why”, you might ask? Because high pursuers tend to be more competitive and like to take risks, they may tend to allow their emotions to guide their actions, and take unnecessary risks on the golf course. If you have played golf for any length of time, I am sure you have witnessed a player take an unnecessary risk on the course that cost them dearly. (Hopefully, it wasn’t you)!

Maybe you are not motivated by fighting for something, but prefer to keep what you already have. You are happy with the status-quo. You prefer to play it safe. You realize hitting fairways and greens is the easiest way to shoot a low score. Non-threatening, steady play will always create consistent results. If this sounds like you, you are a protector. You are the tortoise. The one down the middle of every fairway, on the green, and in the hole.

It doesn’t matter which type of player you are; The Pursuer or The Protector. Both types have won “Majors”. The only important thing for you is to know which one YOU are.

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