Cindy Miller inspires and challenges individuals, teams, and corporations to unlock potential and improve performance. In her signature keynote, Own IT, Cindy shares the three steps that must be taken to overcome any obstacle; whether it be internal or external.  She teaches teams how to communicate more effectively, learn to trust, and become more accountable.

Book Cindy Miller as a speaker for your next conference, national sales meeting, corporate training, charity golf event, or executive retreat. Cindy delivers keynote speeches, half day workshops, or full day seminars.

She is known as a passionate, high impact speaker to those in the corporate, small business, or athletic arenas who are interested in improving performance. Cindy’s interactive style, laced with passion and humor, generates frequent referrals and repeat business. She will entertain, educate, and inspire your group to reach new levels.


The IT Box

Maybe you already have ``it``. Some of you might have lost ``it``. Nike tells us jut to do ``it``, but how? Where? Why? Cindy Miller shares this motivational message and teaches you the steps to take in pursuing the most imporant thing in the world....Your ``it``.

A Nail. A Mirror. A Seed.
What is it?
Potential, Passion, Purpose.
The choice to do what you are great at.


The Privilege of Pressure

Every leader knows that responsibility, accountability, and authority are part of the game. If you choose to play, pressure is part of the game. If you choose to look at it as a privilege, your perception changes. You can learn to embrace this privilege and thrive.

As a leader, responsibility can either be accepted or avoided. If you choose to play, pressure is part of the game.

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