Own it

A Box. A Nail. A Mirror. A Seed.

As a leader, it is important to inspire and encourage your teams to realize their potential. In parallel, you need to feel fulfilled and operate at peak capacity yourself. Too often we reach what we think is our goal only to feel discouraged and unfulfilled when we get there.

As a businesswoman and professional athlete, teacher and coach, I use my own experience, along with my 3-step process, to motivate and inspire others to identify their “change roadblocks” and understand how to move forward. Participants will learn the why, what and way to pursue their own Participants will learn the why, what and way to pursue their own it.

Module One: The Nail

What’s My Why? People are motivated by one of two reasons. They are either avoiding pain, or seeking reward. In this session, participants will discover what their nail is. Do you seek to avoid or stop the pain, or are you seeking a reward?

Module Two: The Mirror

If you choose to Own it, your next step will be to be to have the courage to look in the mirror. Those seeking to know need to discover their natural gifts, and determine see what might be holding them back from achieving all they are capable of. What do you need to do or learn in order to get on the path you are seeking? Do you need to take a class, pass a test, or maybe apply for a job?

Module Three: The Seed

The last step to Own it is to plant a seed. You need to care for your seed – giving it plenty of sunlight, water, all while giving it time to grow. If you follow your process, the results will be amazing.

This session is delivered as an inspirational keynote, half day workshop, full day seminar, or multi-day executive retreat.

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