A Nail. A Mirror. A Seed.

What is it?

Potential, Passion, Purpose.

The choice to do what you are great at.

Mulligan: In Golf, a do over. In life, another shot.

Any true fan of the game of golf will tell you that golf is a metaphor for life. Cindy Miller is living proof of that.

In her keynote, “Your It”, Cindy shares the story of her remarkable comeback in golf and in life. A former player on the LPGA Tour, Cindy retired at a young age to become a PGA Tour wife and mother. She always knew deep down that she had walked away without ever achieving her potential, and struggled for years to come to terms with that. Finally after almost two decades away from competing, she decided it was time to face the demons that had haunted her playing career. Cindy saw The Legends Tour as a chance for personal redemption and sought a path back to life as a tour player. That path took her to an unlikely spot on Golf Channel’s: “The Big Break; Ladies Only”, where she proved to herself and an international television audience that the courage to change starts by realizing that you are the only one holding the club. Cindy shares with heart and humor how lessons from the links are transferable to your life.

She teaches the steps to take in pursuing the most important thing in the world……

This motivational experience can be delivered as a standalone keynote address, or paired with enlightening behavior assessment exercises in either a half day workshop or full day seminar.

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