Inspiring you to Own It - In Business, In Sport, In Life

Corporate Training and Executive Retreats

Cindy Miller is a Certified Behavior Analyst who uses the game of golf as a tool to help people get better. Using her most recent book Golf 101 for Executives, she delivers half day workshops and full day seminars for many of the top corporations in the world. This rare combination of skills and experience has made Cindy a sought after speaker, entertainer, and corporate trainer.

Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats Include:

The Choice to be Great

The choice to do what you are great at.What is your it? Your purpose, passion, and potential. The choice to do what you were meant to do.

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Improve Your Team from the Inside Out

Improve Your Team From the Inside OutA new way of relating emerges, side stepping past limitations to team performance.

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The WHY Behind What Motivates You

The WHY Behind What Motivates YouKnowledge of an individual’s motivators can tell us WHY they do things the way they do.

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From the Back Nine to the Boardroom

From the Back Nine to the BoardroomCindy teaches you to identify the character traits revealed throughout the course of eighteen holes.

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Executive Golf 101

Executive Golf 101Cindy shares the value of having the game of golf in your personal tool chest and the importance of knowing the culture, etiquette and rules of the game.

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Executive Golf Retreats

Executive RetreatsWhether thanking key associates, or developing team cohesiveness, an offsite executive meeting might be just what is needed.

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