Posted on: February 01, 2016 Professional Development

IYG Purple Me  What if……. you could learn to be more in control of you?  To be clear, confident, and play your game with courage.  What would that do to your performance? If you could trust yourself, knowing you have the skills to pull off the shots you plan, would you play more often? 

Golf is one of the most difficult games ever invented. There are so many variables included in playing your best, it is almost impossible to learn everything needed.  Being a former LPGA Tour Player,  married to a former PGA Tour Player, we are very aware of all the obstacles needed to be overcome to learn to play a great round of golf.  With that in mind, we have created a program called “Own Your Game Academy”. 

The “Own Your Game Academy” teaches you about yourself.  How do you learn?  Do you want to see it, feel it, or hear it?  Do you play golf defensively, or fire at the pin?  Do you have a strategic plan on the course, or just wing it?  Are you able to focus on the task at hand?  Control your emotions?  Are you able to think abstractly, and adapt to changing conditions on the course?

What if you would learn to control you, make a plan, and have the knowledge to pull it off?  How much better could you be?  Maybe it’s time to find out.

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