We are so glad you are here! As a follow up to our session, there are a few things we want to offer you.

First, We would love to offer you free access to our online course, From the Back Nine to the Boardroom”. This course has been created to teach you everything you need to know to accept that next golf invitation….. except how to hit the golf ball. Rules, etiquette, all about the different clubs, and what all those funny words mean. To access the course, please CLICK HERE. When you get to the check out page, type in the code LPGA. Once you do that, the price will go to zero. I hope you enjoy the course.

Next, I would love to offer you a chance to complete our complimentary Behavior Assessment. Please know this is a smaller version, but will give you quick results. Feel free to share the link with friends and family. It may help you understand others a little better. To complete the assessment CLICK HERE.

Last, feel free to complete our complimentary Motivation Assessment. Again, it is a shortened version, but will give you immediate results. Knowing what motivates you to action will always help you make more clear decisions. It can also help you understand others better and avoid conflict. To complete the Motivation Assessment CLICK HERE.

Knowing HOW you learn will help you create your swing thoughts and triggers. To complete the Learning Style Assessment CLICK HERE

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Reach out to me at cindy@cindymillerinc.com.




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