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December 1, 2020


Brush the grass

Get Ready for Next Season NOW!


One of the first things you should do is change your grips. Some people have never changed their grips… ever!  I change my grips about every three months. If you wear shoes with spikes, I suggest you change those as well.  If you carry a golf towel, maybe you should take it off your bag and wash it.  If you own a laser yardage detector, I suggest you put in a new battery. You want to be sure it doesn’t die on you while on the course.


Don’t forgot to work on the short stick. I would purchase a metal yard stick at your local hardware store. Place a golf ball on the hole at the end of the yardstick. Practice keeping the ball on the stick. This will help you not only learn to make more three foot putts, you will also get a feel for alignment.


Winter is the best time to make changes to your game. If you are able to practice indoors, be sure you mix drills in with ball striking. Drills help your brain and body get use to new moves and feels.  The more you practice, the more comfortable things will get and then become second nature.


While on the course in the early spring, temperatures are typically a little cooler.  Remember the golf ball doesn’t travel as far in cold weather. On a fifty degree day versus a seventy degree day, the golf ball will travel approximately  five yards shorter in the air on a two hundred yard shot.  Take this into consideration when choosing the right club for your shots.


The ground will be softer than normal so the golf ball will not roll as much as in the summer.  You must take this into consideration when planning your shot and choosing your club.

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