Posted on: September 13, 2018 Player Development

Exposing Cheaters on The Golf Course

By Cindy Miller


Have you ever been paired with someone who doesn’t count all their strokes correctly?  Maybe you even see them drop a ball out of their pocket when they cannot find their ball.

What do you do?

If you are playing a friendly round of golf, you may not pay attention to your playing partners strokes.  If you are playing in a tournament, it is IMPERATIVE that you not only count your own strokes, but the strokes of the person you are keeping score for.

At the end of each hole, you communicate with that player, and say, “I had a 5, what did you have?”   If they say, “I had a 7.”, and you know they did not, you say to them, “Let’s go over that together.  You hit your drive out of bounds. You re-teed and hit it in the fairway. That was three. You skulled your fourth shot, you knocked your fifth shot onto the green, and proceeded to three putt for 8.  They will most likely say, “Oh, yes, you are right.  Sorry, I miss counted.”

What happens if you are a junior golfer.  You are twelve years old, playing in a tournament. Your parents are not spectating and you are out there alone.  The other junior you are playing with has their Dad walking with them.  You KNOW they are not counting their score correctly and you try to call them out.  The Dad says you are not right.  He fights the truth.

What do you?

You refuse to sign the score card.  You tell them and the officials at the end of the round, you are not able to sign the card because you do not agree with the score.  You MUST protect the field in the tournament from cheaters.  Once exposed, they will either learn to count correctly, or be disqualified from the tournament.

I have heard so many reports of junior golfers cheating in tournaments.  Do you think they don’t know how to count or are they trying please their parents?

Once you are labeled a cheater, your reputation is tarnished for life.  If you will cheat on the golf course, you will cheat in life.

Many companies require candidates for new positions to play a round of golf before they are hired.  Why, you might ask?  Because all of your character traits will be exposed on the golf course.  Some of  the traits they can be found out about you are:

  • Are you honest?
  • How do you handle adversity?
  • Are you selfish?
  • Do you follow procedures?
  • Do you have a temper?

I suggest you learn to handle yourself correctly.

Parents, your children will learn many things from you.  Please don’t teach them to cheat.

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