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September 10, 2016

Pursue Your It

It Box Lead Pages really wide

A Nail.  A Mirror.  A Seed.  

What is it? The choice to do what you are great at.

So many of us live a life of quiet desperation and are not happy with our choices. We might be stuck in a job we hate, or are married to someone who abuses us, or we have habits that are harmful to our health. Sometimes our personal beliefs determine the choices we make.

What if your personal beliefs are not the truth?  What if you had the courage to make different choices that could change your life? Would you be willing?  

Change can be difficult, even scary. I am here to challenge you to take another shot.

We are motivated by two things.  Stopping pain or seeking reward. How bad does it have to hurt before we are willing to change?  Are you willing to looking  in the mirror, see your strengths, weaknesses, and work on you?  What if you could start by planting a seed in your life?   The steps it take to Own It……  

Define your why. Are you avoiding pain, or seeking reward?  

Look in in the Mirror. What do you see?  Do you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve your it?

 Plant a Seed. What do you need to do to start on the path to pursue your it?  Take the first step, no matter how small it might be.

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